Modern impressionist landscape paintings, 
Abstract - Graphics - Digital art -Sculpture - Still life, and more.

An artist is an optimist,  otherwise he would not be an artist. He believes in and hopes for the triumph of the good and the beauty

‘Painting became the joy and  freedom of my suppressed, difficult life; through painting I can express myself, my thoughts, my suffering, my pain. Since I realized that I belong to the Kurdish people, who became slaves in their homeland and have no right to live in peace, in freedom, and with due respect, my work focuses on people’s lives and their cultures, the interming ling of materials and spiritual values. Right now, I can taste freedom in a self­imposed exile among people who respect human values. I can enjoy life in painting for freedom and human rights, establishing a world of colour, a nation free from hate and racism. I have been painting all my life and know no other way to communicate my message better and louder than through my artistry. Fortunately, painting is a universal language that can be understood all around the globe.’